FarmVille Duck Pond: Everything you need to know

farmville duck pond
Last night, FarmVille released the new Duck Pond. Similar to the Turkey Roost, Pig Pen, Feed Trough, and Orchard, the FarmVille Duck Pond is a shelter for your ducks. Once a day your FarmVille Duck Pond can be harvested, and with each harvest you have a chance of finding a new duckling! But like the other special buildings, the FarmVille Duck Pond needs to be constructed, and this one requires a lot of Shovels and Watering Cans. But don't worry, thanks to Gonzalo, below you'll find everything you need to know about the FarmVille Duck Pond.

Continue reading to learn all about the new FarmVille Duck Pond.
farmville duck pond
Place your Duck Pond
When you start up FarmVille, a notice will appear asking if you'd like to place your Duck Pond (pictured above). If you choose to place the Duck Pond later instead, you'll be able to find it in your Gifts Box. The Duck Pond is a small structure so you shouldn't have any problems placing this 6 x 6 building.

ProTip: If you somehow lose your free Duck Pond, a replacement can be bought for 5,000 Coins in the market. Any additional Duck Ponds can be bought for 40 Farm Cash each.
farmville duck pond
Collect Watering Cans & Two Shovels
Once the base of the FarmVille Duck Pond has been placed on your farm, that's when the fun begins. You're going to need 20 Two Shovels and 20 Watering Cans to complete the Duck Pond, so get started sending out gift requests and helping out your friends.

The alternative is simply buying the materials for Farm Cash. Each part costs one Farm Cash so to fully complete the project you'll need to spend 40 Farm Cash.
farmville duck pond
Duck Pond: A getaway for ducks
Once your FarmVille Duck Pond is complete and you've put your ducks in, you'll be able to click on the Duck Pond and look inside. Inside, you'll see the beautiful duck oasis you just worked so hard to complete. Reeds, fresh water, boulders and brush are all plentiful inside the Duck Pond, what more could a duck ask for?
farmville duck pond
Show off your ducks & swans
The FarmVille Duck Pond can hold up to 20 ducks and swans. So if you've been collecting ducks you'll need to choose carefully, or buy additional Duck Ponds in the market for 40 Farm Cash. To remove a duck from the Duck Pond, click it and then click Remove.

In the Duck Pond you can also select five ducks to display on your farm. Show off a duck by clicking it in the Duck Pond and then clicking Feature. Too remove a Duck from the display, simply click it. Back on your farm, the five ducks you've chosen to show off can be seen floating happily in the Duck Pond.
farmville duck pondfarmville duck pondfarmville duck pondfarmville duck pond
Which ducks can go in my Duck Pond?
The following 15 harvestable ducks in FarmVille can be placed into the Duck Pond:

  • Duck
  • Male Mandarin Duck
  • Female Mandarin Duck
  • Elder Duck
  • Green Mallard Duck
  • Line Quacker 1
  • Line Quacker 2
  • Party Duck
  • Hooded Merganser Duck
  • Long Tailed Duck
  • Valeducktorian
  • Count Duckula
  • Wizard Duck
  • Blue Duck
  • Swan
  • Belted Duck

ProTip: The Ugly Duckling cannot be placed in the Duck Pond, but the Swan it turns into can be. Geese cannot be placed in the Duck Pond.
farmville duck pondMy ducks are getting impatient!

farmville duck pond ducklingDuck Pond harvesting & ducklings
Although the Duck Pond looks beautiful (not pictured above), that's probably not why you decided to construct one. The FarmVille Duck Pond also allows you to harvest all your ducks in one click once every 24 hours. Better yet, every time you harvest your Duck Pond, there is a chance you'll find a new duckling! How exciting, I love ducks.

So what are you waiting for? Start asking for supplies and get started making your new FarmVille Duck Pond. After all your ducks have done for you, they deserve a new home.

[Via Gonzalo & FarmVille Forums]

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