FarmVille Disco Pony grooves back onto the farm for limited time

Disco Pony
Disco Pony

Missed your chance to break it down this New Year's Eve in FarmVille with the Party Barn? Zynga feels for you (sort of), so it brought back the Disco Pony to the game for a limited time. Once the grand prize for throwing the greatest New Year's party your farm has ever seen, the Disco Pony is available in the Market for 24 Farm Cash for the next 14 days. However, those who earned it the hard way might not be too thrilled about it being for sale. You have two weeks to save up for this dancing fool, so get to it, jive turkey.

Will you be taking advantage of this second chance at bringing serious cool to your farm? If you already have one, do you feel like you've been gipped of an achievement? Let us know in the comments. Add Comment.