FarmVille Art Collection now available for a limited time


As the Snow collection has now expired in FarmVille, Zynga has added a new limited time collection to the game, which celebrates all things pertaining to art. Obviously then, the collection is called the Art Collection, and it will only be available to complete for a limited time.

This collection asks you to find multiple units of six different items:

Paper - 10 (Common)
Pipe Cleaners - 10 (Common)
Crayons - 10 (Common)
Glue Bottles - 7 (Uncommon)
Scissors - 7 (Uncommon)
Paint Brushes - 3 (Rare)

As usual, you'll be able to find these items as you plant seeds on your farm, and you may find stashes of some of these items as you play the game, with these stashes being allowed to be shared on your wall for your friends to collect. Likewise, be on the lookout for posts from your friends so that you can more quickly complete this collection.

Just like other limited time collections, this one allows you to purchase the items you need for Farm Cash (ranging from 1 to 3 Farm Cash per individual item), and once you trade it in, you'll earn a special prize: the Moo-na Lisa. This Artist Cow is animated and paints a picture of the Mona Lisa, but with a cow. Unfortunately, the Artistic Cow cannot be harvested or placed in a Dairy Barn.

What do you think of the limited time only Art Collection? Have you been able to find all of the items in the other limited time collections, or do you think they are too hard to complete in the time allotted? Let us know in the comments.