Nearly 1 in 4 Have Taken a Nap at Work

nap at work
nap at work

Having mastered the art of sleeping at work, Drew clearly remembers the tricks he used to steal naps during his first job at a public relations firm in Manhattan: stacking boxes in front of an empty office so no one would enter, putting a phone to his ear so co-workers would think he was on a business call, or dozing at a nearby Starbucks.

The problem was, Drew was regularly staying out until 4AM and sleeping just three hours on most weeknights. The result was some dead-time at work from 9AM to 1PM when most people are busy, he told AOL Jobs. "Everything took a little longer to do because of the battle to sleep," explained Drew.

He admitted that he would hit the wall earlier in the day, but that his mind and body would eventually catch up, and at 5PM he was ready to go again and routinely got lots of work done after hours. His supervisors weren't aware of his naps at his desk, and his work didn't suffer, he said.

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