Roommates: The 'Laverne and Shirley' Way

Laverne and Shirley
Laverne and Shirley

Maybe Laverne and Shirley had it right. The fictional roommates from the hit 1970s sitcom played by Penny Marshall, right, and Cindy Williams had fights, but they also had plenty of fun.

Last week, featured a personal essay by Brooklyn writer, florist and stylist, Amy Merrick. In the article Merrick claimed that living roommate-free was "the biggest financial luxury a girl like me could have." But what would Shirley have been without Laverne? Boring, that's what. And poorer, as well.

The truth is, as more and more headlines point to decreasing incomes and increasing marital ages, is having a roommate truly the worst conceivable inconvenience? And in the end, isn't saving money the name of the game?

Having a roommate doesn't have to be an endless fight about hot water over-usage and not doing the dishes. Here are seven ways to live with a roommate after college, and like it: