Playdom takes City of Wonder to high seas in Colonies expansion

Get Ready to Set Sail
Get Ready to Set Sail

City of Wonder is largely a game about conquest. Players develop and nurture their cities from humble villages to bustling metropolises, but that imperialist spirit is far from satisfied. Playdom is releasing a brand new expansion titled "Colonies" to feed the need to explore. It's here where players will expand their sprawling empires to new lands across the ocean using naval power for military might, trade and cultural influence.

European Galleon

You'll find 80 new buildings and marvels to construct (including this European Galleon and Seaplane), 15 new technologies to research and a new currency to spend doing it. Players will be able to build harbors across the ocean to establish new outposts for their people. In order to start your outward expansion, you'll need to research Colonization in the Technologies tree to unlock The Great Boat. This item is what's going to be your gateway to new colonies (and a massive boat). It looks as if there's going to be a ton to explore, so get to researching for that Great Boat and soon enough you'll have more colonial fever than the Anglo-Saxons did some one thousand years ago.

Check behind the break for more exclusive images of what's in store in City of Wonder: Colonies.