Passengers Told Get Off Over-Fueled Plane Or Face Arrest

After an EasyJet plane was overloaded with fuel, dozens of passengers were ordered off the plane and threatened with arrest if they refused.

The plane sat on the tarmac for a half hour before the captain announced he had some 'bad news,' explaining the flight from Birmingham, England to Geneva, Switzerland was topped off with 11 tons too much fuel.

As a solution, the captain asked for volunteers to get off the plane. He ended up forcing the last 37 passengers who checked in to get off.

Some passengers who refused to deplane were informed that three police officers who were waiting in the terminal would arrest them if it became necessary, Daily Mail reports. The incident happened in late December, but has just come to light.

"He offered £100 ($155) and overnight accommodation to anyone who offered to get off -- but when pressed they could not guarantee a next day flight to Geneva," passenger Jane Webb, 65, tells the newspaper. Webb, who was traveling with eight other family members for a skiing trip, had checked in early and was not forced off the plane.

But passengers weren't the only thing removed from the plane.

When the flight arrived in Switzerland, Webb was horrified to find her luggage -- and that of several other passengers -- was removed from the flight to save weight back in England. She did not receive her baggage for another five days, forcing her family to buy long underwear and other essentials for their vacation in France.

A spokesman from Easyjet apologized and said an investigation has been launched.

"We'd like to sincerely apologize to the passengers affected by the weight restrictions on the flight from Birmingham, resulting in some passengers and bags being offloaded," says the spokesman.
Photo, WebDux, flickr
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