Office Daze on Facebook: When satire becomes tiresome

Office Daze Gameplay
Many of you probably already know what corporate life is like. The cacophony of fingers striking keyboards endlessly, menial tasks and rows of stuffy, lifeless cubicles are all things that might come to mind. Sure, movies and TV have done a fine job at poking fun at the modern corporate lifestyle, but can a social game achieve the same hilarity, fun and impact? UK-based development studio Zoe Mode has made an honest attempt at that with Office Daze. A game with lots of style, injected humor and plenty of polish, Office Daze does well to satire just about everything you know about corporate life. However, that doesn't necessarily make for a game I want to come back to over and over again.

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Cute Loading Screen
Office Daze places you in the role of the new boss in a nondescript start up, which of course is part of the running joke. The details as to what this corporation does are kind of irrelevant in the grand scheme of the game. Once you've named your business and put your first "Minion" to work, it's time to build new cubicles. No, you have no employees in Office Daze, only Minions. These Minions are basically what you're supposed to monitor in replace of, say, crops or businesses. Each Minion must be given a task to do or they will remain idle to which Zoe Mode makes the point of this isn't too dissimilar to real corporate life. While everyone knows "that guy," do we really want to be reminded of him?

Understandably, it's all in good fun, but it can become overbearing pretty quickly. While you can always have Minions doing something, you can only hire as many Minions from the receptionist's room as you have cubicles. The logical progression is to have Minions perform tasks, collect the profit in coins when they're finished, buy more cubicles and expand your work environment, hire more Minions and repeat. Honestly, aside from buying decorations to increase profits, the gameplay doesn't seem to get much more involved or engaging than this. Though, there is one interesting feature to Office Daze: Minions can increase in productivity and profits if worked repeatedly. On the other hand, they can also be fired for poor performance or to make room for more qualified employee--erm, Minions.

Gameplay is mor of the same
Players can invite their friends to compare their businesses, send gifts and even hire to do menial tasks just like the rest of the Minions. Also, you can buy Kudos, the game's paid currency, to gain access to even better decorations. Unfortunately, while Office Daze has a brilliant, Mad Men style to it with cheeky humor, the game lays on the hilarity of corporate life a bit too thick. I imagine most folks don't want to be reminded of their miserable corporate gigs in a game that should take them elsewhere for a little while. Is jumping back into the office the first thing you want to do when getting home from it?

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