Mobile Police Say People Often Leave Guns In Hotel Rooms

Two guns were found in a room at a Hilton property in Mobile, Alabama, prompting a police official to comment that guns left behind in hotel rooms are "pretty common."

Less common is that the guns belong to a police officer.

The weapons were discovered by a housekeeper at a Hilton Garden Inn property near the airport on Sunday, Fox 10 TV reports.

Mobile Police were called to the hotel and identified the weapons as a department-issued Glock and a .44 Magnum.

It was unclear why the officer was at the hotel and how he managed to leave his guns behind when he checked out.

"They found something suspicious," Officer Christopher Levy tells the TV station. "It's pretty common for us to get calls from hotels about people leaving guns inside of them."

The guns are now in police custody. The officer was not identified, but was reportedly back on duty after the incident.

"We're really glad that this particular housekeeping group was very honest. We were glad that they called us, that they located the gun. Otherwise, this gun could have ended up on the streets. So we're really happy that they caught it," Levy says.

He adds citizens and officers alike should keep track of their firearms.

"But mistakes happen, sometimes people leave things behind and that's probably what happened here," Levy says.

An investigation into the incident is underway.

Photo, Red Barnes, flickr
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