Health Screening and Preventive Plans at Sam's Club

Sam's Club logo - health screening planNow you can get a health plan along with your bulk buys at Sam's Club. The $99 plan isn't for everyone, it's more of a screening than a health plan, but it's a pretty logical extension of the retailer's offerings.

The Prevention Plan, from U.S. Preventive Medicine, is available to Sam's business and advantage plus members and provides some basic screening and health information. It's not a traditional health insurance plan or meant to replace regular physicians visits, it won't even give you access to one, but rather presents tools and some screenings. Some benefits include:
  • An annual subscription to The Prevention Plan web-based program
  • An online Health Risk Assessment
  • At-Home Blood Screening Test with results including cholesterol (Total, HDL, LDL, Triglycerides, HDL/LDL Ratio, Cholesterol/HDL Ratio), calculated blood glucose and Hemoglobin A1c (diabetes) automatically uploaded to your online Prevention Plan and used to identify health risks
  • Personalized Prevention Plan that explains and prioritizes your health risks and recommends the steps you should take to improve your health
  • More than 20 online education programs to help you achieve your health goals like: lose weight, quit smoking, control or reverse diabetes, lower blood pressure, eat healthier, manage stress, prevent depression, reduce back pain, control cholesterol and more
  • Two online or telephonic health coaching sessions to keep you motivated
  • Recommended prevention screenings, schedule and alerts based on age, gender and risks
  • A Physician Summary for your doctor and a detailed Member Report for your future reference
  • A 24/7 Nurse Line
Members can use an online tool to track progress and stay motivated. And while the program can only be bought by Sam's Club members, it can be gifted and then used by anyone. Sam's Club also states the information will remain private and confidential.

Parent company Walmart has no such program, but I've often wondered when it would get more involved in health care offerings. In-store clinics and $2 prescriptions are great, but if and when Walmart chooses to bring its purchasing power to bear as a health care provider, it will really be a game changer.
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