FrontierVille: Zynga working on fix for missing Bears, will increase frequency of Rock appearance


Over on the official FrontierVille forums, Zynga has announced a series of updates or bug fixes that the FrontierVille team is currently working on. Two of these issues are those that have been causing a lot of hurt with players trying to complete not only the final 12 Days of Christmas mission (missing Bears, anyone?), but also those trying to finish the New Years Resolution missions in time to earn the 50 free Horseshoes being given out to those that can complete the goals by January 14.

First, Bears will apparently be coming back out of hibernation soon. No, the Bears aren't technically hibernating - this just seems like Zynga's clever way of acknowledging the fact that Bears have gone missing, and that they are working on bringing them back with a greater frequency of appearance. Whether or not they'll actually pull through with fixing the missing Bear issue before the final 12 Days of Christmas mission can expire in less than 3 days, however, remains to be seen.

Likewise, for those users trying to complete the first portion of the Hale and Hearty New Years Resolution mission, which requires you to clear 10 Rocks, we've found that Rocks have begun doing a disappearance act just like the Bears have. Fortunately, users are finding some Rocks on their Homesteads, but they are appearing slowly - too slowly for most users to feel comfortable about being able to finish the first part of this mission, and still have time to finish the second part before January 14, when the free Horseshoe offer expires.

Zynga has announced that they will be increasing the frequency of Rock formation or "appearance" on users' Homesteads, but again, whether or not the fix will come in time or not is the main question at hand.

Either way, I suppose it's nice that Zynga has at least acknowledged the fact that there are some issues that require attention in FrontierVille, and we can only hope that these issues are addressed before its too late.

Have you been able to complete either the 12 Days of Christmas goals or the Hale and Hearty mission, or have Bears and Rocks gone entirely missing from your game? Let us know what you've experienced in the comments.