CityVille: Inventory changes attempt to add organization to the game


Just a few days ago, we brought you the news that Zynga had announced that a series of new changes would be coming to CityVille. Zynga assured us that these changes would help add organization to the feature (which is definitely lacking, considering that you can now have thousands of items in your inventory at once), and it seems that they have started to make strides in the right direction, with this week's inventory updates (both of which are highlighted in red in the above picture).

There are two updates to speak of so far (hopefully the first of many). The first is the addition of a "Remove" option on items in your inventory. Let's say you have 10 Shade Trees that have been given to you as free gifts from friends, and are currently sitting in your inventory. Let's also say you don't want them. In order to remove them before, you would have had to place the trees somewhere in your town, and then manually remove them with the delete tool. No longer, as you can now click on the small red and white X on each and every item to remove that item from your inventory. In cases in which you have more than one of said item, you'll be able to select how many of that item you'd like to remove using + and - buttons on a new pop-up window that appears when attempting to remove that item.

The other new change is the introduction of an item counter in the top right corner of the inventory screen. As the current limit is 2000 items, you'll be able to see how many total items you have in your inventory (including all duplicates), so as to keep track of how close you are to reaching the max point, so that you know when you should start deleting items in order to hold more.

Unfortunately, neither of these changes adds a sorting feature to the inventory (that is, the ability to sort items based on type - energy, decoration, etc.), but we can only hope that further changes, including the ability to sort, are still in the works for future release. We'll make sure to let you know if further changes arise.

What do you think of these new inventory features in CityVille? Would you like to be able to sort your items based on type, or are these changes enough to satisfy you for now? Let us know in the comments.