Cellforcash.com Owes Me Money: Help Me, WalletPop!


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Q. A co-worker of mine sold her used cell phone to www.cellforcash.com so I didn't hesitate to use the service based on her positive experience. So I sent in my working iPhone 3G 16GB in the original box with the charger and all accessories following all their directions.

I was sent a confirmation email with a transaction number, advising me to wait 45 days for my check. I often checked the status of my sale on their site. It showed that my cell phone was verified as being eligible for a $280 payment. But the field that reads "Check Cut" remained blank. After the requisite 45 days had passed, I sent an email to customer service and received no response. I emailed again and was told they had forwarded my email to their accounting department and that I would receive an email when the payment is issued. I never heard from accounting. It has now been 20 weeks. Can you help me get my money or my phone back?
Linda Danet