Cafe World Cooking Academy Fall Registration Goals: Everything you need to know


At the beginning of December, Zynga launched the initial portion of the Cooking Academy event in Cafe World. Through a series of goals, users were able to apply to enter the Cooking Academy, and were even able to earn a Cravat (a status symbol, the color of which signifies your own experience level with cooking). We were stuck after earning a Light Blue, and eventually a Dark Blue Cravat, with the promise being that "soon" we would be able to actually enter into the Cooking Academy proper, complete another series of missions, and graduate to the White Cravat level, signifying our Cooking Academy mastery, and unlocking "Specialty" cooking within the game.

It turns out that "soon" equals "now," as the Cooking Academy class missions have been released in the game. You'll need to register for fall classes, cook up a feast as part of your studies, and then take your final exam in order to graduate from the academy and unlock the spoils therein. Meet us behind the break for a full look at these new "Class" goals.