Cafe World Cooking Academy Fall Registration Goals: Everything you need to know

At the beginning of December, Zynga launched the initial portion of the Cooking Academy event in Cafe World. Through a series of goals, users were able to apply to enter the Cooking Academy, and were even able to earn a Cravat (a status symbol, the color of which signifies your own experience level with cooking). We were stuck after earning a Light Blue, and eventually a Dark Blue Cravat, with the promise being that "soon" we would be able to actually enter into the Cooking Academy proper, complete another series of missions, and graduate to the White Cravat level, signifying our Cooking Academy mastery, and unlocking "Specialty" cooking within the game.

It turns out that "soon" equals "now," as the Cooking Academy class missions have been released in the game. You'll need to register for fall classes, cook up a feast as part of your studies, and then take your final exam in order to graduate from the academy and unlock the spoils therein. Meet us behind the break for a full look at these new "Class" goals.

You'll know when these mission are available in your own game (in the case of this being a slow rollout to all users) when the cooking jacket and white cravat symbol that has been hovering in your quests bar for some time has a "Now Here!" banner underneath it. Clicking on this button shows you the first of three new missions that are now available in the game.

The first goal is called "Fall Registration," that sees you earning some coins that will help you pay for your tuition within the Cooking Academy, along with cooking a few (yes, it's really a small number) dishes.

Cook 4 Caramel Apples
Cook 10 Pumpkin Pies
Earn 15,000 coins

The 15,000 coins can be earned in any manner. You can earn them by simply cooking dishes and then serving them in the traditional manner, or you can use any saved servings you've received as friends (you can also sell items in your inventory). This would also be a great time to bust out the instant serve items, that reward you with bulk amounts of coins instantly, depending on how many people you have in your cafe at that time. Also remember that while you are cooking dishes, you can also use some energy to prepare Drinks or Coffee if you have the Drink Bar or Coffee Machine completed in the game. This also boosts your Buzz rating, so that more customers will come into your Cafe, and therefore your food will be sold faster, earning you the profits more quickly.

As for the cooking portion, Caramel Apples take just 2 hours to prepare, while Pumpkin Pie takes 10 hours. Luckily, you only have to cook 14 dishes in total, so most mid-high level users will have more than that many stoves available, to knock these steps both out at once. Or, you can take the extremely easy (if not a tad costly) way out - you don't actually have to wait for the stoves to finish cooking either of these dishes for it to count. So, you could simply prepare a dish, delete it, and then reuse the same stove to keep going, until you have "cooked" all 14 items.

The reward for finishing this mission is a new recipe called the Beef Wellington, which can be cooked for 7,125 coins, and is unlocked to users who are least level 14. It takes a full day to cook, and gives you 1200 servings to sell for 12 coins each.

Finishing this goal unlocks the second goal of the three, called "A Royal Test." This goal also requires three steps to complete, with two of them being directly related to your new Beef Wellington dish.

Serve 12 Beef Wellingtons
Find 3 Royal Collection items
Collect 5 Seals of Approval

Unfortunately, this is a case where you must go through with cooking the Beef Wellingtons, which are a full day dish, as the mission says specifically that you must "Serve" them in order to count. You can also pay 12 Cafe Cash to skip this step, however, you might as well cook them, as cooking a Beef Wellington is the only way that you'll have a chance to earn one of the 3 Royal Collection items. These items appear just as other Collection items in the game do, but there have been reports that the rarity is quite high for these items, requiring you to cook far more Beef Wellingtons than even this mission requires in order to find 3 items (unless you choose to unlock this item with Cafe Cash as well).

Finally, the Seals of Approval can be earned by clicking on the "Ask" button and then sending out individual requests to Cafe World neighbors that you think would help you in your quest.

Finally, after completing a Royal Test, you'll unlock the final mission in this quest line, called "Final Exam." In order to graduate, you'll likely have to cook even more Beef Wellingtons, even though cooking the dish isn't technically part of the task (the Royal Collection is).

Finish Royal Collection
Have 1 Royal Utensil Holder

As the second mission in this line (A Royal Feast) is so difficult, any extra information about the Final Exam mission is currently lacking (we haven't been able to find enough Royal Collection items to pass the second!). However, we'll be sure to give you more information (including screenshots) about this final mission, and the rewards therein (assuming it's the White Cravat) when they become available.

Now that you've had to wait a month for these new missions to become available, we want to know whether or not the wait was worth it. Do you think the Royal Feast mission is too difficult, or do these three missions offer just the right amount of challenge for you? Let us know in the comments.
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