Playdom's Ben Liu discusses City of Wonder's future through Colonies [Interview]

The Sea Colony
The Sea Colony

By now, a good amount of players have already journeyed into the new Colonies expansion in City of Wonder. Playdom's most recent content update for the game contains a ton of new features, but what does it all mean? We recently chatted with City of Wonder's executive producer Ben Liu to find out exactly what Colonies is all about. From brand new combat statistics to what this expansion implies for the future of the game, Liu had plenty to say about the new direction for City of Wonder.

What was the process like in arriving at the idea of Colonies for the next content update to City of Wonder?
Keeping with the idea of the game, which is to build your civilization and advance it through time, I think it was really [logical] for us to imagine the fans would want to take their civilizations and expand them to new worlds. It's something that's very consistent with what happened in history as well. Naturally, we looked at what the English did and what great empires like the Romans did. So, we definitely took that as inspiration.

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