Western Australia Gives Away 200 Free Flights to Promote Itself

western australia wildflowers - free flights to australia
western australia wildflowers - free flights to australia

Americans -- and Oprah -- are well acquainted with eastern Australia. The cities of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Cairns get so much play in the American press that the state of Western Australia, home to the sprawling city of Perth, doesn't usually even bother to promote itself in the States.

But the Powers That Be in Western Australia aim to seize the moment that Oprah has created, and they're offering free flights to the west part of the continent. Yes, there's a catch: You have to get yourself, with a companion and flying on Qantas, to the East Coast of Australia first, and you have to spend six nights there. But if you're one of the first 200 people (100 couples) to meet that criteria, you can get round-trip airfare to Western Australia free.