Milmo on Facebook: Opening a whole new world of social gaming

Flying in Milmo
Flying in Milmo

Let's forget the fancy introductions and just come out and say it: Milmo for Facebook is a sprawling, vibrant world that exists in your browser. A full 3D MMO developed by Swedish studio Junebud, Milmo is exactly what we were referring to when we predicted the trend of genre blending for 2011. And this game released in 2010!

Making use of the Unity Engine (another prediction for 2011), this game transports players into a living, breathing world even more so than existing Facebook MMOs like Godswar Online. Obviously, the game is designed to have more widespread appeal through somewhat childish graphics, a frame of a plot and simplistic combat (click to swing weapon, click again... and again). But where Milmo shines is in the sense of awe it draws from you--you'll find yourself saying yourself after a few minutes of play, "Whoa, this is on my Facebook?"

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