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hot siteResearch suggests that over 90 percent of recruiters perform Internet searches on candidates before making a hiring decision, and over half of employers solidify their decision to hire based on a strong online presence. This can be challenging for job seekers who don't have an established online presence, those who share their name with others, and those who have damaging information or "digital dirt" about them online. is helping people better manage their online reputation. Recently, AOL Jobs spoke with Patrick Ambron, Brand-Yourself's Chief Marketing Officer, to learn more about how this company is helping people better manage their online reputation.

What is is the first purely Web-based platform that helps non-techies control how they look online. Job applicants, professional service providers, freelancers, small businesses, etc. use Brand-Yourself to put their best foot forward online to win new jobs and clients

Users can quickly publish positive content that shows up high in Google, raise or bury other Google results that already exist, and monitor metrics including Google Grade, Online Influence and Online Reach with easy-to-follow steps for users to improve their online presence overtime.

How did you come up with the idea?

Our CEO, Pete Kistler, couldn't get an internship in college despite being a very qualified candidate. He finally realized that employers were Googling him and mistaking him for an ex-convict with the same name and age as Pete. We realized this was not an isolated incident. Our whole reputations now extend online. 80 million people are Googled every day, people make decisions based of social media content. But most people are not accurately represented online. There was no easy solution to help non-techies publish positive content, control their Google results and take advantage of social media without spending a lot of time and headache. So that's what we decided to build.

What are the biggest online identity issues for entry-level professionals? For mid career professionals? For boomers?

Across the board, people from all generations tend to fall into one of three categories when they are inevitably searched on the web: The content is negative, the content is irrelevant, or the content is about someone else with the same name. Seventy five percent of HR departments are required to research candidates online. Many people jump to the conclusion that controlling your presence so that nothing negative comes up is enough; however, over half of these departments actually make decisions based on positive content they end up finding. While it's a good thing you don't have negative content floating around, unless you have an online presence that impresses people you are missing significant opportunities.

What makes unique? is unique because it is the first purely Web-based platform that combines all of the steps of creating an online presence in one central hub and allows you to improve it over time. Our process demystifies content creation, search engine optimization and social media promotion for the average person.

Any new features that will be released soon that you can share?

We just came out with a big release that makes it easier than ever to immediately look good online. A user can now publish a person site in literally five minutes on our system. That site is automatically search engine optimized for them and they can edit and add to it at any time. Our new accounts section will actually grade a users social media accounts to make sure they are search engine optimized and up to snuff. If they aren't, we have easy to follow steps and tools to improve them. Our Brand Dashboard makes it very easy to manage and engage their social media accountants, keeping them active and well branded without spending much time. Our new stats page help users understand how well their brand is perceived online, letting them know what type of people are finding them, and metrics that explain their Google grade, online reach and online influence. We alert them every time someone mentions their name, their Google grade changes, or they make any important connections. We are constantly releasing new functionality and new features.

How can people find out more about you?

You can find out more information about Brand-Yourself at At the website you can try a free trial, get more in-depth information on our system or use some of our free tools including the Google Grader and our ebook: 'From Tweet to Hired.' You can also read our blog at

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