FrontierVille: Earn a free Ox from the FrontierVille fan page

It seems as though Zynga is feeling a bit desperate lately, at least when it comes to getting players to both Like, and routinely check up on the FrontierVille fan page on Facebook. Over the past few weeks, they have started giving away items at seemingly random intervals via the game's official page on Facebook, with tonight seeing another item being released.

We've seen food released in the past, but today's release is a free Ox. The motivation behind releasing it, says Zynga, is for users that need an Ox for one of our missions. However, what you do with your free Ox is entirely up to you - you can keep it in your inventory indefinitely, waiting for a mission that asks you to buy an Ox (as placing one from your inventory tends to count as "buying"), you can immediately sell it (for a very small profit, I assure you), or you can decide to help the animal grow, and then sell it once its an adult (perhaps once you're on a mission that asks you to).

No matter what you decide to do with the Ox, it is kind of nice to see Zynga offering free items to fans of the game, as a way of saying thanks, or even if it is just a ploy to get more players to like the fan page. Whatever the reason, we'll gladly accept free gifts (You hear that Zynga? More free items, please!).

It's likely that this free Ox (worth almost 1,000 coins in the game, if you purchased it from the store) will only be available for a limited time, so be sure to click on the free giveaway link (this link right here) as soon as possible to ensure that your free Ox makes his way safe and sound into your inventory.

Did you receive your free Ox in FrontierVille? What other items would you like Zynga to give away in the future? Let us know in the comments.