Former Child Actors' Grown-Up Homes

Former child actors such as Stephen Dorff, Scott Baio, and Mischa Barton make big bucks and spend it on -- what else? -- real estate. Rob at spots a trend here, especially in light of Dorff's star turn in the new movie Somewhere (pictured left with Elle Fanning), which takes place mostly in Chateau Marmont, hotel of choice for extended stays by Hollywood's well-worn royalty.

This month sees former child actor Stephen Dorff - who first appeared on the small screen in 1985 as a nine-year-old on The New Leave It to Beaver - starring in Sofia Coppola's latest atmospheric picture, Somewhere.Set largely in the palatial suites and terraces of LA's famed Chateau Marmont (above),the film marks the pinnacle of Dorff's long career. But it turns out that even second-string Hollywood stars can afford some serious real estate. While filming Somewhere, Dorff put his three-bedroom beachfront Malibu house on the rental market for $50K per month.Sadly, and not surprisingly, not all child stars make out as well. After the jump, we've got the ups and downs of three more child stars, chronicled (of course) by their real estate.

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