Ford Expected to Hire 7,000 in the Next Two Years

ford motor company Another sign that the U.S. auto industry is bouncing back is news that Ford Motor Co. is expected to announce, later today, that it will be hiring 7,000 employees over the next two years. That announcement, reports The Wall Street Journal, will likely come in Detroit at the North American International Auto Show.

Last year, GM and Chrysler each also announced plans to hire about 1,000 engineers. This emerging optimism about the ability of the American auto business to regain profitability, market share, and attractive branding has been palpable at the auto show. Some analysts anticipate double-digit growth in the 2011 sales of vehicles produced by U.S. manufactures.

A sign of the (energy conscious) times, in which gas prices could hit five bucks a gallon, many of those exhibiting in Detroit are showcasing their electric vehicles. Ford has introduced its very first plug-in, electric minivan. In addition to the electric-only version of the minivan, there are a hybrid version as well as a "traditional" gas-only model.

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