First China and now India: Zynga sets its sights on the Indian social market


Back in February of 2010, Zynga opened its first international office in Bangalore, India. However, major news from the new studio was fairly silent in the overall scheme of things. With the recent release of Chinese FarmVille, however, it seems that Zynga has renewed, and in fact strengthened their international efforts. The most recent news comes just this week, as we learn that Zynga plans to market heavily to the Indian social gaming market by offering new in-game payment methods, in addition to the standards like credit cards or PayPal.

For our friends playing in India, sometime in the first half of this year, Zynga is planning on launching localized Game Cards, internet banking options, or even a system of SMS payments through mobile phones. This will, of course, give Indian players a chance to add the same level of customization to their farms as those in the States and other countries can, as they will be more easily able to purchase Farm Cash to do that in-game shopping.

As reported by the Next Web, Country Manager of Zynga India Shan Kadavil sees "opportunity in India," as its economy is currently the second-fastest growing in the entire world. Prepaid cards are already familiar to citizens via the mobile phone market, so it makes sense that Game Cards for Zynga's games would take off equally well.

We'll be sure to let you know more information about Zynga's advancement into world domination as it becomes available.

[Via The Next Web]

Are you an international player of FarmVille, Mafia Wars, or any Zynga game? Will you take advantage of these new payment options when they are launched in Zynga's games? Let us know in the comments.