Daytona Beach Spring Break for the College Crowd

daytona beach spring break

Daytona Beach and spring break go back a long way. The college kids heading there this year may be shaking the same sand off their flip-flops that their grandparents once kicked around on their spring breaks. Myriad reasons keep bringing students back year after year for a Daytona Beach spring break – mainly sun, sand, water and fun!

Daytona Beach Spring Break: What to Expect
As at any popular spring break destination, expect big crowds and lots of traffic. The good thing is that spring break happens at different times at different schools, usually from late February through April, so some weeks may be less congested than others. Regardless, Daytona Beach welcomes spring breakers and schedules plenty of parties, concerts and games for the crowds. Nightclubs and bars in Daytona Beach offer special events during spring break, as well

Daytona Beach Spring Break: Where to Crash
College students are in luck as hotels and resorts – many right on the beach – offer special rates for spring breakers, and when you have a group who each kick in their share, Daytona Beach spring break can be a really affordable destination.

Daytona Beach Spring Break: What to Do (Besides Party)
It's a beach, so you can count on activities such as fishing, surfing, boating and other water-related fun. Daytona Beach offers plenty of shopping and dining, and if your crew wants to do the touristy things for a day or two, you'll only be an hour or so from the Orlando area theme parks, Kennedy Space Center, St. Augustine and other such attractions. And of course there's one of the world's most famous racetracks, Daytona International Speedway, just a few miles from the beach.

Daytona Beach Spring Break: Playing it Safe
Here comes the lecturing, kids. Contrary to their portrayal on MTV, spring break destinations can be dangerous places if you let your guard down. There are things that can help you from becoming a statistic: always travel around in groups of people you know; avoid excessive alcohol consumption; be aware of your surroundings, especially at night; and always wear your seatbelt while in a vehicle. Add to that three very important words: sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen. The Florida sun is brutal, and even if the sky is overcast, those solar rays still make it through. Even taking the risk of future skin cancer out of the equation, you don't want to spend the nights in bed, wishing your lobster-red skin could float an inch above the sheets because it hurts so much.

Daytona Beach Spring Break: One More Warning
There are many law enforcement officers on duty during Daytona Beach spring break. They are there to protect visitors and residents, but they are not tolerant of such shenanigans as underage drinking or driving under the influence, and violators will be arrested. Also, if you want to spend the night in your hotel room rather than the county jail, you're advised to become familiar with the rules of the beach – especially the one that forbids alcohol while you're on the sand.

Photo by Gerard Walen

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