CityVille Level Up Giveaway: 'Like' CityVille, win a 32GB Apple iPad

Level Up Giveaway
Level Up Giveaway

While CityVille has close to 100 million players, but unfortunately not even close to the same amount "Like" the game on Facebook. So, starting now Zynga is going to do everything in its power to give that number a nice boost. And it needs your help. Just head over to your CityVille game and "Like" the game using the button above the game screen. You can also visit the CityVile fan page and "Like" the game there.

At several milestones along the way to the coveted 10 million fan mark, Zynga will be giving away a variety of prizes in what it's officially calling the CityVille Level Up Giveaway. Check them out:

  • 7 million Fans (25 people will win 50 City Cash)

  • 8 million Fans (25 people will win 100 City Cash)

  • 9 million Fans (25 people will win 500 City Cash)

  • 10 million Fans (5 people will win 1,000 City Cash and an iPad 32GB with Wi-Fi)

If the game reaches 10 million Fans, then five players will receive 1,000 City Cash and one of the most advanced iPad models out there. Now, that's a lot of prizes, but there's a small problem. If the iPads aren't being given away until the end of the contest, who is going to want to vote early on? (You didn't hear that from us.) While the contest doesn't end until the 10 million fan goal is met, be sure to "Like" the page to guarantee your spot in at least one of the drawings. If you've already "Liked" the game, then sit tight and continue playing as you've already been entered. Isn't it great liking things before they're cool?

Will you be entering the contest? What's the reason that you "Like" CityVille? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.