CityVille: Glass Condos, Atrium Lofts, and Court House now available

If you've already built all of the available items in CityVille, but you'd like to add new citizens to your town, or you need a new community building so that you can add more citizens to begin with, you'll be happy to hear that three new buildings have been released into the game today. Two are homes, while one is a Community Building, which will raise your total population limit in the game.

The two homes are the Glass Condos and the Atrium Lofts. You'll need to be at least level 55 to use either, with the Atrium Lofts not being unlocked until the current maximum of level 60. This should ensure that even higher level players aren't feeling abandoned when it comes to new content, just because they've hit the max.

The Glass Condos cost 600,000 coins, and add 160 citizens to your population, while the Atrium Lofts cost even more, at 750,000 coins, and add 170 population to your town. Of course, both will earn a small amount of bonus coins for your town as well, with the Condos producing 165 coins every eight hours, and the Lofts creating 220 coins every day.

As for the new Community Building, it is the Court House, and you must be level 55 to add it to your town. It costs just 100,000 coins to do so (not a lot in the world of CityVIlle), and it will increase your maximum population cap by 1700 citizens. To be clear, this doesn't raise the actual population of your town by 1700 - it simply gives you the ability to purchase homes for 1700 more citizens, before needing to build another Community Building.

What do you think of these new high-level buildings in CityVille? Have you reached level 55, so that you can purchase at least two of them? Let us know in the comments.
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