Cheap Spring Break Trips 2011

cheap spring break tips

Do you have many spring break ideas, but little money to make them a reality? You're not alone. Thousands of students like you are looking for cheap spring break trips every year.

They definitely can be had, but it often takes a little planning to make it a reality.

First, it sounds obvious, but it must be mentioned: book your reservations early. The longer that you wait to plan a cheap spring break trip, the less likely it will be that it's actually cheap. Those in the know are already reserving the cheaper accommodations and travel itineraries while they're still around, leaving the more expensive (and not always luxurious) options for latecomers.

One of the easiest ways to make cheap spring break trips a reality is to travel and book as a group. Whether it's a spring break party cruise, a hotel, or a scuba excursion, always be diligent and ask about group discounts. Be aware that if such discounts are available, you'll likely need the information of all participants at the time of booking. It's much safer to book all reservations together at the same time. Not doing so risks some people losing out on the travel deal.

Some websites facilitate group bookings for you. For example, has a group hotel search tool for those looking to book a block of five or more rooms on the cheap. Spring break trips can also be made cheaper through tour operators, many who have online tools to make group bookings easier. One such tour operator that's popular is Sun Splash Tours.

Depending on where you live, looking locally for cheap spring break ideas may be an excellent option. Colorado students who love winter sport can easily turn to the numerous Colorado ski resorts, cutting out a significant portion of spring break costs: travel. Those going to school in Europe typically have a plethora of options for cheap flights to nearby destinations. Local tourist boards and travel agents may make planning a local spring break even easier.

Here are some additional money-saving tips for cheap spring break trips:

• If you're considering a spring break party cruise, verify how "all-inclusive" the cruise really is. Some cruise carriers are starting to cut back on what's included during an all-inclusive cruise. You could potentially spend more money than anticipated by not reading the fine print.

• When booking groups, don't be afraid to ask hotel staff or tour operators if they can include discounted or free tickets to local attractions. These service industries have blocks of these tickets reserved for special guests, but they sometimes end up not using them all. The desire to fully book a group may lead the hotel or tour operator to include such tickets.

• Find out if your university or school is organizing any cheap spring break trips for groups. There's often an office of student activities; try there first.

• If you're stuck at the university for spring break with other folks, consider planning a two- or three-day set of activities and excursions to museums, wineries, and sporting events. Plan a potluck dinner, a card night, or house party for the evenings.

• For the adventurous traveler, couch surfing and hostels may offer the perfect opportunity to see an area cheaply during spring break. Inquire about space early!

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