Cafe World Cater the Winter Ball: Everything you need to know

There's a new catering order to fulfill in Cafe World, with this one fitting into the current "winter" theme that Zynga has released in the game. The catering order is called simply: "Cater the Winter Ball" and it will see you asking your friends for help over (ideally) a five day period in order to unlock a new, exclusive recipe (that is, a recipe that can only be received through completing the mission), also fitting in the theme.

To find out what this new recipe is, and how you'll earn it, join us behind the break.

This Catering Order asks you to complete a total of six steps: three cooking steps, and three collection steps. For the three dishes, you'll have to cook Steak Dinner (a 16 hour dish) 150 times, Creme Fraiche Caviar (a 30 minute dish) 300 times, and Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail (a 30 minute dish) 250 times.

For this portion of the catering order, you'll need a lot of help from friends, and you can bring up to 10 of your friends into the mission with you, for a total of 11 members on your Catering Crew. The only good thing here is that there are two dishes that only take 30 minutes to cook, so if you can find a friend who is willing to spend a couple of hours checking frequently back in with the game, these tasks don't seem entirely impossible.

As for the collection portions of the order, you'll need to collect 5 Corsages, 5 Tiaras, and 10 Winter Ball Tickets. These items can either be purchased for Cafe Cash (3 Cafe Cash per one individual item - not a cheap route), or you can send requests to your individual Cafe World neighbors, asking them to send you one of these items. Of course, you would want to send requests once every day (or more often, if the game allows), in order to have a better chance at collecting these items, but be sure not to spam those players who may not appreciate the requests.

Interestingly, when it comes to scoring this Catering Order, you have 5 full days to complete the order to still receive the 3 star rating - normally, the time limit is 3 days. This is likely due to the sheer number of dishes that need to be cooked, regardless of the short cooking time of two of them, and the two extra days are definitely appreciated.

If you can complete the order within 5 days, you'll receive 9 Catering Points, 7,560 Cafe Points, 113,400 coins, and you'll unlock the Snowflake Cake recipe. The Snowflake Cake recipe can only be cooked if you unlock it through this manner. When you do, you'll be able to cook it for 1530 coins. The cake cooks in 6 hours, and you'll have 320 servings to sell to your customers for 12 coins per serving. This results in a return of 3,840 coins.

If you can't finish the order in five days, but can finish it before a full seven days have elapsed, you'll receive two stars, 6 Catering Points, 5,400 Cafe Points, and 8100 coins. Yes, we're as shocked at the discrepancy of coin rewards between these two star levels as you are. In addition, the two star rating will not unlock the Snowflake Cake - you must earn all three stars in order to start cooking the dessert.

After seven days, if you're still plugging along on this order, and you do manage to complete it (without canceling it and starting over, that is), you'll receive a single star rating, 3 Catering Points, 3,240 Catering Points, and 7,450 coins.

It's become pretty apparent lately that Cafe World players are becoming increasingly frustrated with the amount of "begging" that takes place in the game, as players are all-but-forced into sending their friends requests for items in order to finish their own quests. We want to know what you think about this new Catering Order (and the fact that it requires you to collect even more items from friends) - let us know if you'll plan on completing it in the comments!
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