Baltimore Ravens Star Scores in Real Estate

baltimore ravens ray lewis
baltimore ravens ray lewis

Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis is gunning for a win, not only in the Super Bowl, but with his up-and-coming Boca Raton, Fla.-based real estate firm. Luis F. Perez of The Real Deal explores Lewis's innovative approach, which includes an art gallery filled with sports-related art.

While Ray Lewis, the Baltimore Ravens star linebacker, chases down quarterbacks during the NFL playoffs starting this weekend, his new South Florida-based firm is going after real estate deals and plans to expand.

RL52 Realty, co-founded by Lewis, opened two new offices in South Florida last year, and it's already seeking to expand on its model of bringing together real estate buyers and sellers through arts and education. To do that, the firm opened an art gallery with its Fort Lauderdale office.

"The gallery is an excellent venue for highly-motivated professionals, including those in the sports and entertainment business, to create opportunities for business transactions," said Sol Kandel, business development advisor and principal with the firm.