Ask an Expert: Answers to Five Common Job Search Questions

man with briefcase
man with briefcase

At AOL Jobs we get a lot of great questions about job search from our readers. Here are responses to five commonly asked questions.

1. In today's economic climate, many of us have to look at positions one or two levels below our previous one. How does one convince the prospective employer that we will be happy doing that long term?

Let the interviewer know that salary and job title are not the primary factors influencing your decision. Explain why you think you are a good fit for the position and use specific examples from your work history to prove this. Tell the interviewer why you are passionate about their company, the industry you are in, or the type of functional role you are seeking. You won't always be able to eliminate a hiring manager's skepticism, but by painting an authentic picture of your dedication and the value you can bring to the company, you improve your chances of creating a stronger rapport with the interviewer and potentially moving past their concerns.