What's Hot on AOL Real Estate This Week

With our top stories this week on topics like sinking home values and foreclosure sales, it seems like we may not have left the housing gloom behind in 2010. See what else our readers were into this week:

1.White House Real Estate Value Drops
Does it sometimes feel like you're the only one who got short-changed by the housing boom? You're not alone: Even 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue felt the sting, with the White House losing almost 25 percent of its boom value. Read more.

2. Bristol Palin Buys Ariz. Foreclosure
Bristol Palin is packing up her Dancing shoes and heading to sunny Arizona, where she snapped up a hot deal on a 5-bedroom foreclosure. See why the famous teen mom decided to settle in the Southwest when you read more.

3. Phoenix Real Estate Ready for Double Dip?
Long known for its amazing weather, Phoenix is attracting hoembuyers for a whole new reason these days: their record low home prices. But didn't the market bounce back with the homebuyer's credit? Well yes...and then no. Read more.

4. Homebuyer Tax Credit: How to Claim It
Before you go getting excited, the homebuyer tax credit
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hasn't been extended again -- if you didn't get in under last year's deadline, you're still out of luck. But if you did meet all of the qualifying dates, let us show you how to file your claim. Read more.

5. What a Real Estate Agent Can't Tell You
The same law that keeps landlords from screening tenants based on race, religion, and familial status keeps your real estate agent from thoroughly answering all of your questions. See what the Fair Housing Act says she can and can't reveal to you. Read more.

6. Housing Market 2011: A Spirited Dialogue
Listen in on the conversation as two of AOL Real Estate's experts discuss their thoughts about what 2011 holds in store for the real estate market. The he-said / he-said format makes sure you'll see both sides of every argument. Don't miss!

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