CityVille: Holiday Trees are now fully grown, lit, and permanent


One of the biggest events in CityVille over the past few weeks has been the Holiday Tree quests, and the giving and unwrapping of presents sent between friends. Since the Christmas holiday is now over, though, something needed to be done about the outstanding Holiday Tree quests, so as to not allow them to stagnate on users' accounts until next Christmas.

Zynga has announced a new set of updates with the tree, the quests, and with the presents inside. First and foremost, the Holiday Tree quests are no longer available to complete - if you didn't get to all 80 presents, unfortunately, you won't be able to now. However, don't despair about the "unfinished" look of your Holiday Trees, as Zynga has updated all trees to be fully grown and lit, regardless of how far you made it in the quest set. What's more, if you never placed your Holiday Tree in the first place, you still won't be missing out (at least on having a tree in your town), as you'll find a fully grown and lighted Holiday Tree waiting for you in your inventory.

As for the Holiday presents, these items will never expire from your inventory, even if you choose to wait and open them weeks or even months from now. Furthermore, the Holiday Trees themselves are permanent, so you can keep the look of the holidays in your town indefinitely, or until you grow tired of it and choose to remove it yourself. Either way, this ability to open presents are your leisure should help alleviate some of the inventory issues users have been having, as they have dozens of spaces filled by presents, but didn't want to open them for fear of ruining their progress on the Holiday Quests. With the instant upgrade of all trees, and the removal of quests, this of course is no longer an issue.

Zynga has also confirmed that more inventory changes will be coming to the game in the future to help with the organization of all of the items a user could potentially have in their inventory at any one point in time.

Did you finish the Holiday Quests in CityVille? What do you think about the upgrade all Holiday Trees have received? Let us know in the comments.