Cafe World Mr. Snowball Event: Everything you need to know

An interesting new event has been launched in Cafe World, that still refers to the holidays as though they haven't passed. This the Mr. Snowball event, and if you can look past the fact that Zynga seems to have overlooked releasing it in a more timely fashion, you'll be able to complete a series of quests to bring Mr. Snowman and holiday-themed outfits to your cafe's customers.

Meet us behind the break for everything you need to know about this Mr. Snowman event.

The Mr. Snowball mission series is a four part quest set. The first part is called "Mr. Snowball is Coming," and it contains two very simple steps:

Place Mr. Snowball
Place Winter Snack Table in your Cafe

The base for the Mr. Snowball structure can be found under the Special section of the Functional menu. It is free, and can simply be placed in an empty square of your cafe. The Winter Snack Table can be purchased from the decorations portion of the store for 6,000 coins. Alternatively, if you have already placed a table in your Cafe, this step will be completed for you.

The reward for completing this mission is 5,000 coins and 2,000 Cafe Points.

The second portion of the quest is called "Help Mr. Snowball" and it will require you to ask your friends to help you complete Mr. Snowball. Mr. Snowball requires 20 items to complete - 5 each of Silk Hats, Carrots, Snow Buttons, and Large Snow Balls. These can be earned by clicking on the Ask for More button and then sending individual gift requests to those Cafe World neighbors that you think would help you.

Unfortunately, that isn't all that's required for this step, as you'll also need to collect "3 Scarves to keep Mr. Snowball's neck warm," and "4 Large Branches so Mr. Snowball can drink his milk." Again, this is a process that will see you asking your friends to send you these items, via individual gift requests.

After you complete Mr. Snowball, your customers will change in appearance to be dressed like holiday characters. There are quite a few different costumes your customers will start to wear, including a Santa costume, red striped elf costumes, green striped elf costumes, a nutcracker, Mrs. Claus and more. In terms of the actual function of these costumes, they are there to simply look pretty and themed - your customers will act no differently when the Mr. Snowball model is active in your cafe. If at any time you'd like to turn off the special costumes, simply drag Mr. Snowball back into your inventory.

While the Mr. Snowball event is a four-part goal series, information about parts III and IV are still unknown as of this writing, simply due to the fact that we haven't been able to complete the task ourselves. We understand that users are unhappy with the amount of collection quests in Cafe World, but we will bring you the rest of the details about this event as soon as we have them.

What do you think of this newest quest in Cafe World? Are you tired of collecting items in the game, or do you have enough active neighbors in the game to make this quest easy? Let us know in the comments.
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