BOGO at Peet's Coffee Through Jan. 18 (Printable Coupon)

Peet's coffee logo - couponThis week, Starbucks eliminated the "coffee" from its logo. But it's main rival (on the left coast, anyway), Peet's, has gone 180-degrees in the opposite direction, choosing this same week to help you double up on the coffee in your life -- for free!

Starting today and lasting all the way through Tuesday, January 18, buy one beverage -- it works for both coffee and tea -- get one free with this printable coupon from Peet's, which you can print, here.When I went to Peet's on Christmas Eve and ordered my normal cup of tea, they surprised me by not charging for it, as a "thank you" for their customers' support of their pet charity (each store's staffers selects the do-good org to support).

Now, less than two weeks later, I'm looking forward to nearly two week's of BOGO coffees and teas? And as if that weren't enough, Peet's was started down the way from my home, in Berkeley, and is still headquartered in another Bay Area berg, Emeryville (also the home of Pixar and Pandora). Free drinks, and I get to support a local biz? #WIN.

(FYI - the coupon doesn't work at supermarket, airport or BART subway station locations, and doesn't include juices, kids' drinks or bottled drinks.)

Interesting backstory -- Starbucks and Peet's are actually long-separated siblings! The original Starbucks was inspired by Peet's, and Peet's was Starbucks' first bean supplier. For several years in the early 1980s, the same small group of business partners and coffee lovers owned both companies, and sold the Starbucks chain in the late '80s to current Starbucks CEO, Howard Schultz.
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