Washington, D.C. Best City for Jobs, Las Vegas Worst

us capitol building
us capitol building

With a nationwide low of six percent unemployment, Washington, D.C., is the best city to find a job, reports Forbes. With 14.3 percent unemployment, up from 12.5 percent last year, Las Vegas is the worst.

In Sin City there are eight unemployed for every job posted online. In the D.C. metro area, which includes parts of Maryland and Virginia, there is roughly one jobless person applying for each position posted on the web.

The rosy picture in the Washington, D.C., area reflects all the government-related employment. That's mirrored in other areas with government hubs such as Austin, Texas, Oklahoma City, and Hartford, Conn.

Although state governments like the one centered in Hartford tend not to be hiring much right now, they haven't been experiencing large-scale layoffs either. All that could change, though, if the fiscally minded Republicans start chopping budgets at the federal and state levels.

The areas doing the worst, such as parts of Florida and California as well as Detroit, usually have not been able to bounce back from the hits to real estate, tourism, construction, and manufacturing.