Snake Lost on Train in Boston

A passenger lost her pet snake "Penelope" on the Boston subway, causing delays and squeamishness.

The woman, who boarded the Red Line train in downtown Boston, had the snake around her neck, then noticed it was gone, reports the Boston Globe.

"She was pretty distraught,'' said Patrick Garvin, a graphic artist for the newspaper who was also riding the train. "She was like, 'It was just around my neck a second ago. God, my husband's going to kill me!' ''

After the snake owner reported her pet missing, the train was held at the station -- near the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library & Museum -- while a search of six cars was conducted by Transit Police.

Another search took place at the terminus of the line in Braintree, Mass., according to MBTA spokesman Joe Pesaturo said. The snake was not found.

"Oh, it's like snakes on a plane," one 'T' rider tells WHDH-TV.

"Definitely makes me nervous. I've seen birds on the train, but never snakes," adds another rider.

The snake is a non-poisonous Dumeril boa, according to the pet's owner, who was identified only as Melissa.

Pesaturo says he's confident it's safe to ride the Boston trains.

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