Play CityVille and Zynga will unlock Goji Berries in FarmVille


If you were playing FarmVille back at the time of the 7-Eleven promotion that took place last Spring / Summer, you might remember the launch of the Goji Berry, and the mad dash most users participated in to plant as much of the crop as humanly possible before it expired at the end of promotion.

However, for those users that didn't live near a 7-Eleven, or simply chose not to purchase real world items to unlock the Goji Berries in FarmVille, Zynga has decided to allow users another chance to grow Goji Berries; that is, there is a potential chance to plant them available here, but we'll have to do a little something for Zynga in exchange.

The deal is this: If 100,000 FarmVille players play CityVille within the next 72 hours, Zynga will allow Goji Berries to be planted in FarmVille for "awhile." "Awhile" is a vague statement, yes, and unfortunately, I can't make it any clearer, but the simple opportunity to grow Goji Berries is exciting, no matter how long it will last (especially if we'll at least be given a chance to master this extremely limited edition crop).

So what are you waiting for? Click on this link to head into CityVille via the FarmVille forums, and make sure you count as part of the 100,000 necessary players. We'll be sure to let you know if Zynga reaches the necessary number of players, and when Goji Berries are re-released officially (since we don't think there will be any problem getting 100,000 players into CityVille).

Are you already a CityVille player? What do you think of this cross-promotional activity that Zynga has released? Let us know in the comments.