Pirates Target Mac App Store Just One Day After Launch


Just one day after Apple (AAPL) launched its new Mac App Store, pirates say they have found security flaws in the system.

The new download service, launched on Thursday, allows users to download software that has been scrutinized and approved by Apple on to their computers, BBC News reported. Apple hopes that the system will emulate the success of its iPhone App Store.

Pirates say they have found ways to illegally copy or share software from the store. One loophole, which affects applications including the popular Angry Birds game, allows users to simply copy and paste the purchase code so that paid-for programs can be used for free.

A pirate group called Hackulous says it has developed a program that can break the protection on any piece of App Store Software. The group has not released the details of its work.

Blogger John Gruber says Apple needs to tighten security on the new App Store.

"Apple should test for this in the review process, and reject paid apps that are susceptible to this simple technique," Gruber wrote, according to BBC News.