Gazelle Allows Small Business to Recycle Gadgets and Get Paid

old cell phones Small businesses often get the short end of the stick when it comes time for them to upgrade their electronics -- be it laptops, desktops, phones or PDAs. While larger corporations can take advantage of asset disposal, the same can be extremely costly for small and medium-sized businesses. Which is precisely why Gazelle, a gadget recycling company, saw the perfect market for under-served business owners and even individual freelancers.

The way it works is simple: You do a search for the type of gadget you're getting rid of (example: a first generation iPhone) and then Gazelle asks you for basic information regarding the wear and tear of the device. After going through a quick questionnaire, they quote you a price, send you a box to mail the item in and you receive a check. Business transactions work in a similar fashion, though since most businesses tend to get rid of old tech in bulk, the website lets you input one item at a time along with the number of units to be sent and then they get back to you with a quote within 30 days.

While the company's main website page focuses on instructing individual consumers on how to send in their gadgets for cash, there's a link at the bottom that takes you to the "Gazelle for Business" section.

Gazelle can be a godsend for companies who don't have the funds or supply to liquidate large amounts of old tech, and it gives them an avenue to return on old gadgets the cash from which can be used toward purchasing new items -- a win/win for a business of any size.

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