FrontierVille Resolution Missions: Finish all six and score 50 free Horseshoes

frontierville resolutions missions

Whether or not you've started on your real-life New Year's resolutions, you will also get the chance to try your hand at a series of new virtual resolutions in FrontierVille. The FrontierVille resolutions mission consists of six different 'resolutions' that you need to complete before January 31 if you want the big payoff.

What is the big payoff -- aside from being virtually healthy, weathy and wise? You will be the proud new owner a new badge, a book of experience, which can be used to level up faster and 50 Horseshoes, which is roughly the equivalent of $6. Maybe you can use the extra currency to buy a few boosts or maybe even that awesome Double Rainbow decoration you've had your eye on for months (OK, fine -- I'm talking about myself -- I can't wait to get that friggin' rainbow!).frontiervillel resolution missions

The six resolutions can each be purchased for coins (either on this resolutions screen or in the store) and each has a suggested level you should be to complete each one. The first ones start off easy and then get more progressively difficult as you go on.

Below are the six missions, how much they cost and just what you need to do in each to get the job done. Here's a few things you should start on right now to make sure you finish your resolutions in time: 1. Plant 30 Cabbages and 50 Flax. 2. If you don't have 'em already, make sure you have 50 of the following: cows, oxen goats (you'll need to sell 50 adults of each animal for the last mission, so the sooner you get started the better). 3. Buy all six missions at once, so you'll can get credit for all of your daily activities like tending animals and clearing rocks. It'll cost 32,000 coins, and it'll be worth it.

Eat Healthy
1,000 Coins

Mission:Fruits and Veggies

frontierville resolutions missions fruits and veggies

Part I:

Harvest 30 cabbages
Harvest 40 apricot trees
Harvest 50 flax

Part II:
Collect 5 chicken breasts
Collect 5 cottage cheese
Collect 5 sunflower seeds

Exercise More

1,000 Coins

Mission: Hale and Hearty

frontierville hale and hearty

Part I:
Chop down 10 trees
Tend 30 cows
Clear 10 rocks

Part II:
Click on 100 bonus objects
Clobber 10 varmints
Collect 1 bee

Friends & Family
5,000 Coins

Mission: Family Fun

frontierville resolution mission family fun

Part I:

Have five friends babysit (post to your wall)
Harvest 50 fruit trees with your spouse
Collect 20 daily bonuses with your child

Part II:
Tend 50 neighbor crops
Clear 50 neighbor debris
Collect 1 Baby New Year

Get Organized
5,000 Coins

Mission: Tidying Up

frontierville resolution missions tidying up
Part I:
Place 10 decorations into the storage shed (I just took 10 out and then put them back in)
Clear 50 debris
Tend 50 animals

Part II:
Get 10 paint chips
Customize 5 buildings
Collect 1 Toast Glass

New Hobbies

10,000 Coins

MIssion: Fun and Games

frontierville resolutions fun and games

Part I:
Get 10 board games (post to your wall for friends to click)
Play a game of horseshoes
Collect five Spanish coins (clearing collection)

Part II:
Craft 5 powder kegs
Craft 5 sextants
Collect 5 tolls

Play FronterVille
10,000 Coins

Mission: Frontier Workaholic:

frontierville resolutions workaholic mission
Part I:
Play 5 days in a row
Hire 10 friends
Collect 1 calendar (part of the New Year's collection, which can be found randomly from all game activities)

Part II:
Sell 50 adult oxen
Sell 50 adult pigs
Sell 50 adult goats

Seems like this series of timed missions could be a nice way to start the New Year in the game -- provided we don't have to go around begging our FrontierVille friends to send us umpteen items to get them done. We had more than enough of that over the holidays.

What do you think about these missions? To hard or too easy? Got any tips on how to breeze through all six resolutions? Leave a note in the comments below. Add comment.
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