FrontierVille Care Packages return, Special Deliveries for frontier folk

FrontierVille Care Packages
FrontierVille Care Packages

It was only a matter of time before FrontierVille got a hold of one of the most loved and hated features in Zynga games once again. They're called Care Packages and most of you will recognize them from when they were first introduced to FrontierVille almost two months ago. But for the uninformed, they're essentially FarmVille's Special Deliveries with a new name. These "smart" gifts, when received and opened, will contain one item that you need for either a Goal you're currently on or a building that's under construction.

Unlike Special Deliveries in FarmVille or Cafe World, Zynga claims Care Packages will only be around for a limited time in FrontierVille. Unfortunately, I've yet to see them appear in my Free Gifts page, which probably means they're slowly being rolled out to players. Regardless of whether you like them, expect a deluge of Care Packages in your Gift Box shortly.

[Image Credit: Zynga]

Have you seen Care Packages in your Free Gifts page yet? Will you be sending them to your friends? What do you think of "smart" gifts? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.