FrontierVille: Bess has arrived, but what brings her to the frontier?

Bess has arrived
Bess has arrived

As part of the recent New Year's Party Goals, we were briefly introduced to a new character in FrontierVille named Bess. Reportedly Frontier Jack's niece, Bess will be the next major character in FrontierVille, but as to what she's up to or why she even came out west we haven't an idea in the slightest. Though, that hasn't stopped Zynga from fueling the flames of wild speculation. The company posted a three-page long forum thread on the FrontierVille fan page that has players discussing the possibilities for this new character.

During the New Year's Party Goals and building the Dance Floor, some hints were made at a potential love triangle between Miss Fanny Wildcat, the mysterious Bess and Hank, that lecherous General Store manager. The most logical guess is that this will be the basis for an upcoming Valentine's Day holiday event series. But the teaser message that many are seeing in-game mentions that Bess will be heavily involved in the events for 2011, so it's doubtful that this homestead drama will be settled on Feb. 14. Could one of our lovestruck ladies receive some good news in time for Mother's Day? We'll have to keep playing to find out.

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