FarmVille Winter Wonderland Trees: 50% off Chestnut Tree & Hazelnut Tree


Do you like adding to your ever-expanding orchards in FarmVille? Like purchasing items on sale? What if these two activities could be combined in FarmVille in some way? The answer to that question is simple, as Zynga has done just that - for the next week, you'll not only be able to add two new trees to your collection, but you'll be able to do so at 50% off the regular price.

The two trees are the Chestnut Tree and the Hazelnut Tree. Both are limited edition trees that are part of the Winter Wonderland theme of items, and as I alluded to, both are 50% off their normal Farm Cash prices, but only for the next 7 days, as of this writing.

The Chestnut Tree costs 3 Farm Cash currently, and is a Level 1 tree that can be harvested every two days for a return of 150 coins. These two stats are shared with the Hazelnut Tree, but this Level 2 tree is more expensive, at 7 Farm Cash. Still, when comparing the 3 and 7 Farm Cash prices with their eventual prices that will go into affect after the next week passes (that being 6 or 14 Farm Cash, respectively), these prices really don't seem so bad.

Both trees can be mastered, and the first star of mastery will unlock for both trees after harvesting from each one 75 times. Remember, if you can master all three stars of a tree, you'll earn a Mastery Sign, which can be shown off on your farm. That being the case, you definitely have a bit of exclusive incentive to purchase these trees, as they will only be available for a short time (and therefore their signs will only be eligible to a limited number of users).

Will you purchase either of these Winter Wonderland trees? What do you think of the Farm Cash item sale? Let us know in the comments.