FarmVille Winter Wonderland Decorations: 50% off Dog Sled, Eskimo Gnome, Ski Resort, and more

Today, Zynga has updated FarmVille with a slew of new Winter Wonderland decorative items, and even a new building. To make this update even more enticing, the items that have been released for Farm Cash are currently 50% off their normal Farm Cash price, as a sort of introductory sale of the item in the game, that will only last for one week - seven days, and then the prices go to their "normal" rate.

There is one new building available to purchase - the Ski Resort, which currently costs 15 Farm Cash. You'll gain 4,000 experience points for purchasing this building, so if you have any desire for it whatsoever, it seems like a fairly good deal, at least this week.

The other items are strictly decorations. The 50% off, Farm Cash items are the Dog Sled, which costs 9 Farm Cash, the Eskimo Gnome, also priced at 9 Farm Cash, and an Iced Reindeer, which costs 2 Farm Cash. Remember, these listed prices are the 50% off prices, after the discounts have been taken. These prices will only remain active in the game for the next 7 days, so take advantage of them while you can.

Three other decorative items have been released in the game, this time for coins (which means no sale prices, unfortunately). They are the Snow Fort for 80,000 coins, the Iced Rabbit for 40,000 coins, and the Snow Shoes for 10,000 coins. These three items have 16 day time limits in the store, so it's presumable that the Farm Cash sale items will also be around for that long, in total, giving you time even after the sale to purchase them if you finally decide to.

Let us know if you plan on taking advantage of this item sale in the comments.
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