FarmVille Winter Wonderland Animals: 50% off Dall Sheep & Fjord Horse


Zynga has updated FarmVille this evening, and has included a big incentive with this update that might turn this weekend into a bit of a shopping spree for some players. There are two new Winter Wonderland animals to choose from, with both of these animal being premium items. However, their premium, or Farm Cash prices, are actually 50% off, meaning that if you take advantage of the sale lasting the next 7 days, you'll be able to get these animals for half of their regular price.

The two animals are the Dall Sheep and the Fjord Horse. The Dall Sheep costs 9 Farm Cash as part of the sale, and the Fjord Horse costs 13 Farm Cash. While both of those might seem like high prices, just take a second to double those amounts and think of what you might be paying otherwise, outside of this half-off sale.

Again, the prices on these animals will only be around for the next 7 days, but we're assuming that the animals themselves will stick around, albeit at their high price tag, for at least a few days after the sale has ended. We'll be sure to give you more information as we have it.

Will you take advantage of this Farm Cash item sale to purchase either of these new animals for half-off of their original prices? Let us know in the comments.