FarmVille Special Delivery Boxes get 'Open All' feature, save headaches

Special Delivery Box
Special Delivery Box

With the amount of Special Delivery Boxes that some FarmVille players have to open daily, unpacking them individually was becoming a lengthy chore. Thankfully, Zynga introduced a small update to the game recently that allows players to open every Special Delivery Box in their inventory at once, FarmVille Freak reports. With this new 'Open All' feature precious minutes have been restored to many players' short farming sessions.

However, this doesn't remedy the other problem with Special Delivery Boxes: high level players simply don't need them. A few months ago, there were players who expressed their disdain for the smart items because they simply were on top of their game and didn't need 500 extra Bricks, so to speak. Until that improvement comes, just be smart about who you're sending Special Delivery Boxes. If a player is over Level 100, you might help more by leaving them be or sending some Fertilize All.

[Image Credit: FarmVille Freak]

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