FarmVille Sneak Peek: Duck Pond images revealed, launching soon?

FarmVille Duck Pond
FarmVille Duck Pond

Yeah, yeah. So, you already know that the Duck Pond is coming to FarmVille. But have you seen these brand new images of the incoming item yet? Thanks again to FarmVille Freak, we've found several snap shots of both the Duck Pond in progress and the finished product. And it looks... more natural than what I was expecting. The thing doesn't even look man-made.

Stage One
Stage Two
Stage Three

The Duck Pond will be built in three stages, if these images turn out to be correct. Like most constructed and functional buildings, this will most likely take items from gifting requests to complete. And if our original coverage of the Duck Pond proves to be the case, then there will be four different items to collect and 10 of each item. What isn't known yet is what purpose the Duck Pond will serve beyond a pretty place for our Ducks to play in. Hopefully, Zynga thinks something up for Ducks to be useful like it did with the Pigpen and Truffle Hunting. Stay tuned for details when this item finally makes its way onto the farm, which we guess will be fairly soon considering how many details we have.

[Image Credit: FarmVille Freak]

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