EverQuest 2 brings the addiction to Facebook with Fortune League

Fortune League
Fortune League

We're sure many of you have heard the "EverCrack" references before as soon as someone in the room mentions Sony Online Entertainment's (SOE) ubiquitous MMO franchise, EverQuest. It's terribly fitting that one of the most addicting games be joined with arguably the most addicting website, which is why SOE has released Fortune League on Facebook. A companion game to EverQuest 2 (EQ2) and the company's fifth Facebook game, Fortune League allows players to a earn rewards for their characters in EQ2 by recruiting a team of warriors and completing weekly quests.

"We worked closely with the SOE team to complement their popular MMO title in a unique, brand-relevant way onto the Facebook platform," CEO of Fortune League-developer Fastpoint Games Kelly Perdew says. "Fortune League aims to provide existing players with a fun, new way of engaging with the depth and adventure of EQII, in short, snackable sessions, while also introducing new players and creating a new revenue source for the franchise."

Successfully assessing quests with the correct team style and completing adventures rewards players with experience boosts, cosmetic upgrades and prizes that they can make use of in both the free-to-play and subscription varieties of EQ2. After giving Fortune League a quick test run, it's clear that this game is for EQ2 players only. Much of the game's lingo and statistics will look like another language to someone who isn't a seasoned EverQuest fan--and this is coming from an MMO-player of over 10 years. Not to mention that if you don't currently play EQ2, there won't be much benefit in playing Fortune League. If you happen to assume the role of a Froglok Paladin in another digital life, then by all means dive in and earn some rewards.

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