CityVille Lost Puppy Goal: A ploy to attract more players

Lost Puppy Needs a Home
A new Goal--if you would call it that--has arrived in CityVille. Titled, "Lost Puppy Needs a Home," this new task requires players to ask their friends to adopt a brown puppy that they happened to find walking down the street. However, both neighbors and general Facebook friends can be requested. Furthermore, this technically isn't even a Goal. It appears to be just another way to attract new players to the game through you, the player. (I guess over 90 million players isn't enough.)

Puppy request
After sending out the requests, no Goal icon appears on the left side of the screen and no XP, coins or Goods are rewarded. Nada. In other words, this is a fine waste of your daily requests. So, do try to avoid it if you have no friends that are willing to join CityVille. If you think this would be a cute way to get your friends who have yet to try CityVille into the game, then by all means throw a couple puppies out there. Regardless, it begs the question: If there is no benefit to sending this request to fellow neighbors, then why include the option? Very sneaky, Zynga.

Did you fall for this trick yet? What do you think of Zynga using your daily requests as a means to net more players? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.
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