CityVille Cheats and Tips: Expansion costs and limits

Expansions in CityVille
Expansions in CityVille

While we've touched on Expansions a few times in CityVille, we still have yet to get to the bottom of how much they cost in both coins and permits as you progress. Not to mention how many Expansions are open to us. But first, a brief recap: Expansions are 12x12 spaces of land that players can attach to any of the four edges of their cities... for a price. And a hefty one at that. On top of an increasingly hefty coin fee, players will also need to collect Zoning Permits that match the total number of Expansions they're about to obtain.

For instance, the first Expansion will cost you the standard 20,000 coins and one Zoning Permit, but your second Expansion will not only cost much more, but will now require two Zoning Permits. If you make it to say, your fifteenth Expansion, you'll spend a massive amount of coins plus need 15 Zoning Permits. As you can imagine, expanding will become much more difficult as you progress regardless of whether you're swimming in coins. In fact, many players are currently disappointed in the Expansion system, claiming that it costs too much for too little. As for how far we can go, it's currently unknown if there is even a limit to how far we can expand our cities. At the moment, it is assumed that we can expand as far as the map extends. In other words, there should be plenty of room.

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