Alaska Plane Crash Caught On Weather Cam

A small plane crashed in the snowy Southwest Alaska village of Kipnuk and a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) weather cam caught the whole incident.

There were five people aboard the Era Aviation Cessna 208 when it ran out of runway and hit a snow bank in the village's small airport.

No one was injured, although passengers including a woman with an infant were driven to a clinic on snow machines to get checked out.

National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) investigator Josh Cawthra says this is the first time he's seen a crash captured on weather cam images.

The images were taken about 10 minutes apart.

"From what I understand ... damage focused to (the) right wing and possibly the engine and propeller, but that's just looking at the photos that we can see on the webcam," Cawthra tells the Anchorage Daily News.

More than 30 villagers arrived at the scene – and they appear on the weather cam shots too.

The flight was arriving from Bethel, about 85 miles northeast of Kipnuk.

Tribal leader Jimmy Paul says he checked out the plane and it looks like it can fly again with repairs.

The newspaper says this is the third time an aircraft has been damaged landing or taking off in Alaska villages this week.

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